About Us

About Tehlka​

Tehlka group was established in the year 2007 by Amar S. Padda with an objective to launch interactive and unique, news and current affair-related radio channel. Currently, its broadcasted in South Asia, Canada, and India. 

The radio channel opens the platform to share independent views and opinions on the various segments which include politics, religion, culture and tradition. With a mix of entertainment to religious and general awareness, Tehlka is the favourite radio station for people of all age groups. Thereby, tune in to Tehlka and have a jovial and nice day. 



Tehlka group has the essence of Punjabi culture and tradition. Thus, the broadcasted program on this radio station is based on Punjabi language, and heritage. Connecting with the citizens of Canada with Punjabi background, the radio station aims to create the feel and sensation of their home land through the Canada’s topmost radio channel. With the purpose of spreading love, laughter and positivity, the channel broadcasts endless programs with the famous celebrities, artists, singers and writers, etc. Moreover, with the goal to unite people with their roots, we have the mission of consistently entertaining you with engaging radio shows. Because building relationships with people is our striving force.